Decapeptyl 11.25mg


Decapeptyl 11.25mg



Decapeptyl 11.25mg

Decapeptyl injection is usually a hormone therapy which is also Utilized in the treatment method of domestically advanced non-metastatic prostate cancer in Guys. Your medical doctor may well prescribe A further hormonal therapy tablet to avoid or minimize tumor flare. You usually start using these tablets before starting the hormonal therapy drug to deal with the most cancers. You might have to carry on taking them for any several months.

Inform your doctor When you’ve got any heart or blood vessel situations, including coronary heart rhythm difficulties (arrhythmia), or are now being treated with medicines for these ailments. The risk of heart rhythm complications can be improved when utilizing Decapeptyl injection SR eleven.25 mg.

Inform your health care provider or pharmacist In case you are having, have recently taken or may well just take some other medicines.

Decapeptyl injection low testosterone stages can reduce your interest in sexual intercourse. It may help to talk this via with your husband or wife. You may nonetheless really feel shut to one another by means of cuddling and kissing. It could also assist to speak to a counsellor or therapist. Your doctor or nurse can organise this for yourself.

Decapeptyl Depot Injection is a hormone much like the just one produced by a hypothalmus gland during the brain. It works by reducing the blood amounts of testosterone in males.

Explain to your doctor or pharmacist For anyone who is taking, have just lately taken or might get another medicines.

Press down gradually within the plunger to inject the contents in the syringe Take away the syringe and needle through the pores and skin and discard this quickly right into a sharps disposal device


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